Intention Setting & Integration Support Circles

The Intention Setting & Integration Support Program is for community groups attending religious ceremonies and intentional festivals together where entheogenic medicines are used.  We provide intentionally guided preparatory conversations before and integration meetings after the trip to support depth, safety, integration and group cohesion.  

We call them “Pre/Post Meetings” for short.  

Medicinal Mindfulness provides psychospiritual community support for groups and communities who are choosing to take entheogenic medicines at events, festivals and ceremonies.  We believe providing a container to a group choosing to do some inner work together increases group cohesion, makes the experience itself safer, and can support the community in the event of difficult transitions after the experience.  

We do this by working with a group sponsor who takes the responsibility for the container of the group at the events themselves.  We do not attend the events but provide "intention setting" and preparation support before the event in one or more “Pre” meetings and "integration and transitions support" after the event in one or more “Post” meetings. 

At these circles, we provide information on the event itself and the substance being used so that participants can make as informed a choice as possible in whether or not to attend.  We then provide community building experientials and intention setting support to create the greatest potential for the best possible experience.  While we cannot assess participants for their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual readiness, we discuss with the sponsor and participants the causes and conditions that can potentially negatively impact a participant’s ability to safely participate or integrate the experience.  Additional assessments and conversations are also available.  

We teach somatically oriented and transpersonally aligned mindfulness skills to help participants navigate the psychedelic space themselves.  After the experience, in the “Post” gatherings, we provide a safe, community container for participants to share their stories of their journey, while creating conditions to increase the likelihood that the experience can be best integrated into each participant’s lives outside of the psychedelic container.  We are also available to provide  ongoing therapeutic and coaching support. While no one can guarantee a “safe” experience for all participants, we have found that there is a significant difference in the quality and safety of an experience felt by journeyers when this container of support is provided.  

Psychedelic medicines, even when used in very solid religious containers, may still create risks in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and wellbeing.  Working from a Harm Reduction model, we believe programs such as these that support experiences before and after them represent a future branch of the psychedelic profession.  

If you are a community leader who wishes to be trained in the pre/post community meetings or wish to sponsor an event, please contact us at for more information.  Prices depend on the number of participants and level of support requested.

This is a community education and support group. Confidentiality is required.  This is not a medicine circle and no entheogens/cannabis are allowed in the space, nor discussions on obtaining/sharing illegal medicines.  Sponsors and participants take full responsibility for their participation in any entheogenic experience.  We are only providing harm reduction and prevention support before and after an event, and given the federally protected nature of some of these religious activities, we have no right to interfere with or suggest changes to the medicine circles themselves, nor would we want to. 

Payment & Cancellation Policy:  Payments can be made by cash, check and credit card and are expected at the time of service.  Individual coaching sessions require a 48 hour notice for cancellation or client will be charged for service.  Individual altered states sessions require one week cancellation notice.  Sponsoring any event requires a 50% deposit that is nonrefundable unless sponsor provides at least 30 days prior notice of cancellation.


Please note: We do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do we believe that cannabis or other medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone. We are conditional advocates for intentional, sacred and non-habitual cannabis use for those individuals who have chosen to use cannabis already on their own.  A substantial amount of skill development, the right mind set, and an intentional setting are required to minimize the risks involved in the exploration of powerful medicines.  Our work is, at its foundation, a Harm Reduction program.