Mindful Journeywork Training

Mindful Journeywork Sitters School Begins Oct 22nd.  


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With Medical Marijuana becoming mainstream (First Frontier), and recreational use of cannabis increasingly becoming legal on the state level (Second Frontier), we believed it was important to explore the potential of cannabis to be used “entheogenically,” that is, with transformational and spiritual intention.  We call this the “Third Frontier” of Cannabis exploration. What we sense before us is a vast expanse of unknown possibilities that has yet to be fully investigated by the activists and advocates in the consciousness movement.  Cannabis has been far too often downgraded to just a recreational drug, when in fact, it clearly has far more potential than that. So how do we access that potential as safely and skillfully as possible?  Not only the full potential of cannabis but also all psychedelics and entheogens? Are there specific skill sets that would useful in this exploration? 

It might be best to describe our training program as one part martial arts school and one part sailing and navigation training.  We combine experiential exercises with a meditation program and skill development/harm prevention teachings to support our students in creating their own safe, sacred and sustainable Mindful Journeywork practice.  We don’t just teach ways to surrender into an inner experience.  The transpersonal terrain involved seems to require a much more complex response than that.

Our training program is comprised of a twice annual Mindful Journeywork and Mindful Guidework program offered in the Spring and Fall.  In addition, participants are expected to bring more intention into their own journeywork practice and document their experience and attend either/both our Medicine Song Community Breathwork or Conscious Cannabis Circles.  Once the Journeywork program is complete, participants are encouraged to participate in these programs as assistant and lead sitters as part of their ongoing training and personal development.  

Each three hour class begins with teachings on Mindful Journeywork topics, includes specific experientials to support both community and skill development, and ends with a guided inner journey using our music “short sets.”  Our students will have access to these music sets and other resources to support their own Mindful Journeywork practice through the resources page of our website.  

In addition to these introduction programs we offer, we also have a monthly Flagship Class, that provides an ongoing conversation and meditation practice opportunity that supports continued journeywork skill development through special topics.  

The most advanced stages of the work include an advanced experiential practicum where participants practice guiding each other through a Conscious Cannabis JourneyConscious Cannabis Circle and Medicine Song Community Breathwork Facilitator Training is also being developed.  


Mindful Journeywork

In the Mindful Journeywork program, you will learn basic strategies to begin a sacred journey that supports bringing more skill, safety and intention into your own personal use of entheogenic substances.  From this space you can explore profound inner states and transformational healing, from deep understandings of the cosmos and our place in it, higher dimensional perception, communication with the divine, soul travel, trauma resolution, extrasensory perception, emotional transmutation and kundalini awakening, just to name a few.  We divide the program into four main categories: Harm Prevention, Set, Setting and Skill, and then explore experiential, transpersonally-aligned, somatically oriented and research informed mindfulness practices for journeywork skill development.  It is an incredible, transformational experience.

This three month program is designed to prepare your body, mind and soul for deeper levels of the work while also giving you direct experiences of exploring transpersonal terrain in a safe container using breath and music.  We will focus on the skillful development of mindful navigation techniques, and explore practices that enhance psychological and energetic resilience. We will learn about the ‘map’ of alchemy, how to set sacred space, practices that clear alchemical dross (ie trauma and armor held in the body) and develop the light body (the vehicle we use to travel transpersonal spaces).  We will also explore understandings of shadow, safety and education regarding medicines, developing ceremonies and daily practices to support intention and manifestation, contacting and developing relationships with energies/totems/archetypes as allies and guides, and how to integrate experiences by ‘translating’ them into our everyday lives.  

A subset of this program, Cannabis Assisted Mindful Journeywork™ (CAMJ) is explored to teach participants who are already using cannabis how to create intentional psychedelic experience with this medicine.  Cannabis is both a powerful tool on it's own, as well as a potent training ground to prepare you for other psychedelic/entheogenic experiences.

As part of the program, you will receive writing, reading and mindfulness practices and assignments.  A regular meditation practice designed to cultivate qualities and skills necessary for inner journeywork is taught and strongly encouraged.  A spiritually oriented somatic practice such as yoga or Tai Chi is also encouraged.


Mindful Guidework

The twice annual Mindful Guidework training extends and deepens the training of the Mindful Journeywork program by introducing participants to foundational knowledge and skill sets required to hold space safely for another.  Participants will have the opportunity to volunteer as sitters at our Medicine Song Community Breathwork and Conscious Cannabis Circles.  Participants are also encouraged to participate in our Psychedelic Harm Reduction at Festivals program.  

We strongly believe that proper education on how to handle psychedelic and other medicine induced crises may become as important as other physical first aid and mental health first aid/crisis intervention programs.  Fortunately, being able to handle a crisis is only an important foundation, for when experiences remain safe, a properly trained facilitator may hold space for miracles of transformation.  There are a lot of highly qualified individuals interested in learning safe and sacred guidework techniques.  Other than books and rare opportunities in research, there are not many opportunities to learn these skills.  This program is a response to a growing need in our society.  

In addition to the introduction and sitters training, we regularly teach special topics on guidework, an advanced practicum in which participants practice being guides for each other in a safe and facilitated space, and Medicine Song Community Breathwork and Conscious Cannabis Circles Facilitation.  There is a lot to look forward to as we bring more and more teachers into the program.  


Mentorship/Ally Program

Advanced practitioners are encouraged to be mentors for new cohort members and to support our larger community through the Aspenroots Scholarship Program.  The mentorship/ally program is only intended to provide coaching support for other particpants.  This is not a sitters program.  

Email us at info@medicinalmindfulness.org for more information.  


Please note: We do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do we believe that cannabis or other medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone. We are conditional advocates for intentional, sacred and non-habitual cannabis use for those individuals who have chosen to use cannabis already on their own.  A substantial amount of skill development, the right mind set, and an intentional setting are required to minimize the risks involved in the exploration of powerful medicines.  Our work is, at its foundation, a Harm Reduction program.