Medicinal Mindfulness supports individuals who use psychedelics and cannabis who are interested in cultivating more depth, safety and meaning in their personal use practices.  The primary purpose of our program is to reduce harm and to help people stay as safe as possible.  Our programs also provide very clear evidence of the possibility that entheogenic medicines, including cannabis, when used sparringly and in the right container, can help cultivate physical, mental, psychological and spiritual wellbeing... cultivating our truest selves while clearing blocks to healing and potential. From these deep spaces, new ideas and innovations can emerge that are soul and world transforming. This isn’t easy to do, nor a guaranteed outcome, and we are discovering that there is an entire set of advanced journeywork skills required to participate in the deepest areas of this work effectively.

The Mindful Journeywork™ training program, and the Cannabis Assisted Mindful Journeywork™ program, supports basic harm reduction and prevention strategies while cultivating safety, joy and transformation.  This program combine clinical research, shamanic, alchemical and mindfulness paradigms to create an holistic, transformative experience for each participant.

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Mindful Journeywork & Mindful Guidework

The Mindful Journeywork training program is designed to teach participants how to have the safest and most profound cannabis and psychedelic experiences that they can have.  We do this from a “Harm Reduction” paradigm, which has a founding principle that objective education increases safety and reduces harm.  Fortunately, this is only the foundation for psychedelic and cannabis medicine work, for unlike other drugs, we do not have to assume harm is always present when these medicines are taken.  When safety is established, new and exciting skill sets and opportunities can manifest and be cultivated.  New journeyers, as well as experienced practitioners, receive substantial benefits by being a member of a community of other intentional journeyers.  Sharing space in this community is itself healing and transformational.

Our Mindful Guidework program is for those interested in providing sitting services for our program's altered states events and to teach participants how to support friends, family, and the festival public if someone is having a difficult experience.   This program is also intended to support those interested in becoming a psychedelic psychotherapist or other type of psychedelic healer/guide where psychedelics or cannabis are legal.

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EntheoAwareness Process Groups

EntheoAwareness™ is a local community group created to support psychedelic and cannabis medicine users and their allies. Exploring the psychedelic terrain is far different than reading about it.  Be part of an honest conversation about good and bad trip experiences, receive help when things go wrong AND right.  Sometimes even the best experiences can demand the deepest changes in our lives.  Those who use individually, as participants of art and music festivals, entheogenic spiritual circles, and clinical settings are welcome.

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Intention Setting & Integration Support Circles

Are you and a group of your closest friends about to embark on a mutual journey of self discovery? In Peru, or Burning Man or other experiences?  Medicinal Mindfulness can provide a community container of safety and support through meetings before and after your planned trip.  We have found that these conversations provide an additional layer of safety and deepen participants’ experiences.  The post trip support helps with integration because even the most healing and transformational experiences can sometimes be the most difficult... this is true for new and experienced practitioners.

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Medicine Song Music Group

The Medicine Song Music Group is a community of musicians experimenting with bringing hybrid live/electronic performances to our Medicine Song Breathwork Circles and other events.  We have a feeling something very interesting will come from this.  If you can play a drum and keep a rhythm for an extended period, know how to play an unusual or consciousness raising instrument, or use your voice in evocative tones or sacred songs, this is your circle.  If you love mixing music sets for conscious journeywork, or want to learn how to and help out, this is your circle.  If you want to play with other artist and musicians to co-create beautiful inner landscapes of magic and transformation, this is your circle. 

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Please note: We do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do we believe that cannabis or other medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone. We are conditional advocates for intentional, sacred and non-habitual cannabis use for those individuals who have chosen to use cannabis already on their own.  A substantial amount of skill development, the right mind set, and an intentional setting are required to minimize the risks involved in the exploration of powerful medicines.  Our work is, at its foundation, a Harm Reduction program.