Community Outreach & Festival Harm Reduction


As a grassroots organization, Medicinal Mindfulness specializes in the local and regional needs of the Front Range and Colorado community.  We work with and sponsor local events and groups in the Boulder and Denver area, and offer our harm reduction services to local concerts and festivals. 

We believe the local and grassroots paradigm is the next edge of the consciousness movement, and are committed to developing positive institutional relationships with government representatives and the public, while providing a safe and sacred community container for those interested in our services.





Consultations for Mental Health & Public Service Professionals

As mental health professionals and educators that specialize in an uncommon and sometimes controversial field, we would like to openly invite mental health, public service and safety professionals to email or give us a call with questions related to our programs and for professional advice related to users of psychedelic medicines and cannabis.  Initial conversations/questions are free to determine if there is a need for further collaboration.


CU Psychedelic Club and Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies Sponsor

We support the emerging generation of psychedelic and cannabis educators, activists, healers and artists by providing educational resources and support. 

We are an organizational ally to two very active local student groups, the CU Psychedelic Club and the Naropa Alliance for Psychedelic Studies. 

We are doing our best to create a space for emerging leaders in the movement and have created our Festivals Program as a model that is designed, organized and operated by younger professionals and student activists. 



Psychedelic Harm Reduction at Festivals and Events  

Medicinal Mindfulness provides local and regional festivals with a team of mental health professionals and volunteers who have been trained to provide harm reduction educational material and services to the consciousness festival community.  We work collaboratively to assist festival first aid professionals in assessing and treating mental health related crises and are available to answer questions from festival goers and festival staff that are related to safety and harm prevention. Our training program provides our volunteers with an important skill set that includes non-judgmental harm reduction and crisis interventions, safety assessments and harm prevention education.

It has been the experience of programs like ours that simply having this service available reduces the average number of emergency room visits related to drug use and mental health problems in festival settings.  If you are a festival staff member and are interested in this important volunteer community service, please contact a Medicinal Mindfulness representative.


3rd Annual Art & Integration Space at ARISE Music Festival

Medicinal Mindfulness, in conjunction with Aspenroots Counseling and our community of young leaders and volunteer therapists, will be setting up an “Art & Integration” space at ARISE Music Festival for the third year in a row.  We are working in partnership with Groove Medical Services and providing a team of 17 mental health volunteers. 

We will be providing harm reduction education and literature during the day, facilitating conversations around intention and integration, facilitating workshops on Mindful Journeywork and creating a safe and sacred space for people to take breaks from the intensity of the festival in the evening to make music and art.  Our volunteers are also trained to support non-medical emergency, but still difficult medicine experiences, and are looking forward to working with the first aid tent to provide the maximum level of psycho-spiritual support possible.  

If you are interested in participating in our volunteer outreach at festivals and other events, please email for more information. 

We'd like to send out a special thank you to the staff at ARISE for helping make this happen!  More great things to come!


Aspenroots Scholarship Program

Medicinal Mindfulness LLC has allied with Aspenroots Counseling to provide partial scholarships to help cover the cost of some of our services.  Contact us today to qualify for an Aspenroots Scholarship and receive as much as 75% off of individual and group therapy, coaching and classes.

We believe that everyone deserves access to affordable psychological and spiritual support services. We are committed to providing these services in a sustainable and meaningful way, and thanks to generous donations from several members of the Aspenroots and Medicinal Mindfulness Community, we are happy to offer these Scholarships to community members in need.

Aspenroots psychotherapists, and Medicinal Mindfulness coaches/facilitators, as well as a large community mentors from our Mindful Guidework program, are currently accepting scholarship applicants.  If you or someone you know is in need of affordable mental health or spiritual support, contact us at  Scholarship sessions are not always available but we're doing out best to make these services as accessible as possible. 


Please note: We do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do we believe that cannabis or other medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone. We are conditional advocates for intentional, sacred and non-habitual cannabis use for those individuals who have chosen to use cannabis already on their own.  A substantial amount of skill development, the right mind set, and an intentional setting are required to minimize the risks involved in the exploration of powerful medicines.  Our work is, at its foundation, a Harm Reduction program.