Altered States Events

Medicinal Mindfulness is excited to provide these safe and sacred altered states events and private group services.  Because our primary mission is to make experiences like these as affordable, safe and accessible as possible, Medicinal Mindfulness sponsors monthly community gatherings to practice Mindful Journeywork through our Medicine Song Community Breathwork events and our ongoing Conscious Cannabis Circles.  These are opportunities for our local community members to participate in, or sit for regular, intentional, psycho-spiritual group  journey experiences.  

The private Conscious Cannabis Circles and Medicine Song Community Breathwork sessions we facilitate are perfect for groups of friends, Colorado visitors, dispensary owners, corporate executives, retreat organizers and retreat centers.  

Contact us so we can help you design a unique entheogenic cannabis and/or breathwork experience, either as a stand alone event or part of a larger retreat experience.  





Psychedelic Shine

New to 2016: Psychedelic Shine: Speaker Series and Community Gathering with Live Music and Art.  At Shine Restaurant and Gathering Place. 

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Medicine Song Community Breathwork

Sponsor your own, or join an ongoing group of transpersonal explorers as we use intentionally created evocative music sets and a transpersonally aligned breathwork practice to enter an inner world of the imagination and somatic experience. 

Not only is this deeply transformational and healing, people often experience encounters with the numinous and divine.  Space is limited and fills up fast.  RSVP Strongly recommended.  Open to the public.  

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Conscious Cannabis Circles & Fire Gatherings

Combining ancient ceremonial, alchemical and mindfulness techniques with modern transpersonal theory and evocative music sets creates a doorway to experiencing deeply transformational psychedelic journeys using cannabis sativa.  This is an intentional group cannabis journey with either one or two music sets followed by an opportunity to integrate and connect.  

Conscious Cannabis Circles are private, invitation only events, and require a safety questionnaire and waiver to attend.   A community circle is scheduled about monthly and private events can also be sponsored.  You are required to bring your own cannabis.  You must be 21+ and have a registered designated driver or other taxi service to attend.  

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Breathwork, Cannabis & Training Retreats

Medicinal Mindfulness retreats combine a series of breathwork and Conscious Cannabis experiences with teachings on Mindful Journeywork or other subjects.  Visitors and retreat centers are encouraged to contact us to discuss possible retreat packages we can create together to be a stand alone event or integrated into your own retreat program.

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Native American Church Sponsor

We are honored to sponsor Native American Church Meetings (three in 2014 and two this year) for our core community and their friends and family.  Space is extremely limited but we encourage new participants to start the process of joining us on this healing journey of prayer and interconnection.  

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Please note: We do not encourage any illegal activities or the use or abuse of cannabis or any other medicine. Nor do we believe that cannabis or other medicine exploration, even within the confines of applicable laws, is appropriate or beneficial for everyone. We are conditional advocates for intentional, sacred and non-habitual cannabis use for those individuals who have chosen to use cannabis already on their own.  A substantial amount of skill development, the right mind set, and an intentional setting are required to minimize the risks involved in the exploration of powerful medicines.  Our work is, at its foundation, a Harm Reduction program.